Action Lead Paint Testing
specializes in lead paint inspections throughout Massachusetts. We provide affordable lead paint inspection services to both residential and commercial customers. Action Lead Paint Testing inspectors are Massachusetts state certified, fully trained and fully insured.

Types of inspection services offered by Action Lead Paint Testing:
  • Full Initial Inspection
  • Post Compliance (PCAD)
  • Re-occupancy Inspections
  • Letters of Interim Control
  • Certified risk assessment
  • Letters of Compliance
At Action Lead Paint Testing, we use state-of-the art XRF lead detection technology. XRF technology is the most accurate lead detection technology available. It is non-invasive and detects the presence of lead in a few seconds even below many layers of paint. The XRF device does not use any chemicals and is completely safe.

Millions of homes built before 1978 contain lead paint that pose a serious hazard to children under the age of six and pregnant women. Action Lead Paint Testing helps homeowners detect dangerous levels of lead and take the necessary measures to protect their families and property investments. Each lead paint inspection by Action Lead Paint Testing includes a detailed analysis of the location and quantity of lead paint in your property, a written report, and knowledgeable advice on your options to eliminate a lead problem in your home.
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